Love: Shop My Closet


I had such an itch to shop today, what with it being Cyber Monday and all! But, for once, I managed to resist BOTH Black Friday and it’s wickedly tempting Cyber counterpart (amazing, right?). How did I do it? I took the advice we all hear but never heed – I shopped my closet.

Sometimes the best thing a recession goddess can do is dig through what she already has. I went through mine and found these great pieces (a black turtle neck and a pencil skirt I bought at Old Navy ages ago) that worked in place of buying a new LBD. The boots were an after-season sale purchase from Marshall’s last year and the necklace came from when I sold Cookie Lee.

Over the next few weeks, I’m hoping to write a series of posts to inspire us all to look at what we have in unique ways. What have you reinvented in your wardrobe? Do you find moving the pieces around helps you find new combinations, or do you have other ways to get inspired?

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