Lust: Update on Colored Hair


While I was blog browsing yesterday over at Make the World a Prettier Place (while I should have been doing grad homework, don’t judge me) I noticed these great pictures of a model with a muted pinky lavender hair color similar to what I was lusting after in the Kelly Osbourne post.

I’m loving this idea of crazy non-natural hair colors but in a subtle, classy way. Is this a slowly starting trend? If you find more examples, shoot me a comment and let me know! I’d love to see more of it, maybe get some inspiration for the summer O:)

via Make the World a Prettier Place


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  2. Loreal used to have a great line of products called Artec that actually had color molecules suspended in their shampoo and conditioner to add color to your hair. Although not enough to actually color your hair with just these products, they would definitely keep colored hair vibrant and colorful longer. The violet would also cut the brassiness in highlighted hair. For some reason they have discontinued this wonderful line of color shampoo and conditioners. However, list many great alternatives to Artec, including Altobella Claypac, AllNutrient Color Shampoo and Tressa Watercolors. Check it out for long lasting color for your hair. Only drawback? These colors are your standard red, brown, blonde…..pastel colored color depositing shampoo and conditioners…hmmm, I sense a cool new hair care product idea!

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  4. Hi Jenna! Your blog is awesome! The boots I originally planned on getting are N.Y.L.A. and Wild Pair is like Bakers shoes.<—-Hope this helps!!


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