Love: A New to Me Bag


Buying used (pre-loved) bags is a hot topic in the fashion world. Some people think it’s disgusting, some people think it’s cheap, and some people think it’s a great way to save money. I fall into the last camp as probably 90% of my designer bags are pre-loved. I switch bags so often I’d feel guilty paying full price, plus buying used lets me get brands I couldn’t otherwise (Louis Vuitton!).

This week I’ve been stalking my postman for a new workbag I ordered before Thanksgiving and today it FINALLY came! I thought I’d share the excitement of a new/used bag with a little unveiling.

Want to see what I got? Check it out after the page break!

It’s a… Metallic leather Coach Julianne! Coach isn’t my favorite brand, but I loved the functionality and durability of this bag. It can hold everything I need for work in its beautiful purple satin interior (yum!) and won’t get spotted like the untreated leather on my Louis Vuittons if it rains or snows. It also has both hands and a crossbody strap 🙂 I snapped some quick pictures, forgive the background!


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