Lose: Dark Roots


I’m posting this fully aware that I’ll probably get some slack from the fashion gods but the dark roots trend is something I just can’t get behind. No matter who it’s on or how gorgeous the celeb, it just looks sloppy, lazy, and a little hooker-esque.

Being a bleach blonde myself (with a dark natural color), I know how time-consuming and expensive the upkeep can be, but if you’re going to make the commitment, go all the way! Between purple shampoos, volumizing mousse, round brushes and even hair mascara, there’s more than enough techniques available to keep your roots hidden in between colorings and you can work with your stylist to figure out a price package (stylists love blondes since we have to come in so often!). When my roots get bad again, maybe I’ll post a how-to blog on how to hide ’em.

Until then, check out more blondes behaving badly after the break.

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