Love: Inspired Owls


I don’t know why, but I’ve had a thing for owls ever since Marc Jacobs started putting them on jewelry. Something about them just makes me smile, maybe it’s how their eyes are always a little too big for their heads? Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time reading books for grad school and I’m starting to look like one. Either way, hopefully this list of little owls will make your day brighter (the earrings are just $12!)

The Hoots Have It

The Hoots Have It by jennaw featuring black jewelry

Full item descriptions and where to buy after the break

bon mot owl coin purse
$95 –
Kate Spade wallets »

Fl-owl-er Power Wallet
$28 –
Wallets »

Snowy Owls Necklace
$50 –
Owl necklaces »

Paisley Moon in Silver
$190 –
Silver jewelry »

Sunburst™ Antiqued Gold Wall Mirror
$99 –

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