Love: The Perfect Friday Night


I so admire the beautiful image posts so many bloggers offer, so I thought I’d try a little editorial photography of mine own. I know that I need a LOT more work and probably a more professional camera to get images that look like they were pulled straight out of a magazine, but everybody has to start somewhere, right?

The perfect Friday night…

So what do you guys think? Something you’d like to see more of? Should I stick to how-tos and lust, love, lose posts? Feedback is always most appreciated 🙂

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  1. I’m biased because I love photography and looking a pictures! Entries like this are great, but definitely stick to what you’ve been doing as well. You don’t need to be a great photographer to be a great blogger! 🙂 I do enjoy these photos though, especially the color theme. Very pretty 🙂


  2. I think this is great! You should do more. Plus, it’s definitely something that I’d love to do for a Friday night 🙂

    In regards to photography,I promise you don’t need to get a professional camera (unless of course you want to!). You can make equally nice photos by learning the manual settings of your digital camera and doing a little post production work on Photoshop or other software. Something like this is cheap and good for when you want a more lomo/vintage feel

    I promise that’s how I’ve been getting along all these years haha 🙂 Also, you’ve got a great eye for design. Your photos are styled very nicely.

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