Lust Love Lose: People’s Choice Awards Dresses


‘Tis the season for the People’s Choice Awards and all the fashion dos and don’ts that go with it. I’m sure every blogger out there will be doing a similar post, but of course I can’t help but put my two cents in.

Best Dressed:

(Image by Getty Images)
Selena Gomez in Paule Ka and Irina Shabayeva.

I love both Selena’s dresses, they’re elegant but age appropriate and fun for the occasion. Little changes like moving her jewelry from an arm band to a bracelet and letting her hair down make the quick change seem natural and the colors in both dresses compliment her skin color nicely.


(Image by Getty Images)
Kaley Cuoco in ??

I love the color (but I’m always partial to winter white), the belt, and the structured top combined with the flowy skirt… I don’t love how low the top sits. Something about the fit just makes me think it was a last-minute choice that they didn’t have time to tailor. (P.S. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find the designer of this dress, if you know, please leave it in the comments!)

Worst Dressed:

(Image by Getty Images)

Cat Deeley in ??

I want to like this dress, but the draping hides any curves Cat might have and the length just kills it. I’m a big believer in the rule that if you want to wear a short dress, keep it at the knees, if you want to wear a long dress, make it to the ground. This weird in-between cuts her off at the ankles and makes her feet stick out strangely (not helped by the pointy toed shoes).


So there it is, my quick take on the People’s Choice Awards. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Who did you love and hate? Post away!

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  4. I agree about Cat Deeley’s dress. It has so much potential, especially if it was shorter, but when dresses are cut at the ankle, the entire look just seems off. I don’t think it’s a good cut for anyone, not even leggy beauties like Deeley.

  5. I love Selena’s pink dress! Super cute. I agree, that white one just doesn’t fit Kaley well. I actually like the black dress, but to each her own 🙂

    Also, I don’t know if you saw my last comment, but the link to my blog changed. Please change it in your blogroll! Here‘s the new one. Thanks!!!

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