Love: The Perfect First Date Outfit


After extensive research this weekend, I’m proud to say that I have figured out the surprisingly sexy but perfectly appropriate first date outfit for a casual dinner or movie night. Turns out our mothers were right, it is good to leave a little to the imagination (and what does that better than an oversized sweater?) but the beater peeking out from underneath and an eye-catching statement necklace keep it from looking too sloppy or granny. Pair with skinny jeans to show off your shape and a pair of FLAT over-the-knee boots.

Perfect First Date

Perfect First Date by jennaw featuring gray boots

What do you think? Is this a look you’d wear on a casual date? What would you wear to something a little fancier? Post your Polyvore sets in the comments!

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  1. I’d definitely wear this on a casual date, but I dpn’t have flat OTK boots, so I’d probably add a pair of super-high pumps instead. And, for a slightly dressier outfit, I’d pair the jeans with a pretty silk blouse.

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