Love: 100 Words on Life

Love: 100 Words on Life

I’ve lived a very, very long time. At least it feels like it, though those with more than a quarter century under their belts might not agree with me. Be that as it may, I still feel as though I have something to contribute to the greater knowledge of fashion, confidence and life lessons. Here, my manifesto in exactly 100 words. Feel inspired? Write your own 100 words and I’ll link it here!

When you feel like shit, put on mascara – at least it will look dramatic if you cry

Pencil skirts will forever be sexy…

…so will red lipstick

Men and women can’t ever be just friends, unless the man is gay

Garter belts are more comfortable than pantyhose, and a whole lot sexier

If you can laugh at yourself, no one can have power over you

Confidence is enticing, so are high heels

Blondes really do have more fun

It’s better to like who you are than to care if anyone else does

Cutting your hair will change your life

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