Love: Accepting the Inevitable


I have a confession to make: between grad school, work, family craziness, boy issues and just general keeping busy, I haven’t been taking very good care of myself lately and it’s starting to show. I complained to my mom all winter break about how things weren’t fitting like they used to and how I was going to start hitting the gym hard the second I got home and never eat again. Until she offered a different solution that was so simple I’d never thought of it.

If your pants don’t fit, buy bigger pants.

Now, this might seem like the slacker’s way out, I’m sure the little personal trainer in all of us is squealing in rage, but here’s the thing: I was wear pants I’d bought in undergrad, long before I hit 20-something and my hips and boobs started to come in full force, the fact is I can starve myself all I want, I’m NEVER going to be the size I was as a freshman again. And that’s okay.

Yesterday bit the bullet and bought pants in a size I’d never even tried on before – and they fit! I didn’t have to pull, tug, lay down, suck in, or reposition anything, they just. fit. It was like a miracle!

So here’s to giving ourselves a little grace, accepting what we can’t change, and (sometimes) buying bigger pants.


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  2. This is such a great post! I actually read in Victoria Beckham’s book that if the size of your pants bugs you, cut out the tag. After that I was like, you know what, why obsess? It’s a great message to have out there in the fashion world.

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

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