Lose: Sexist Advertising


Sorry if you guys are getting sick of this topic, but I’m still working on my term paper in advertising and running across ads I can’t help but share. My paper is on surveillance and voyeurism as advertising troupes, so to be fair, I’m probably more likely to run across the unsavory ads than your typical consumer. I’m also looking mostly at vintage ads, so I expected to run across some doozies like this…

Okay, probably not something we would want out daughters to see, probably something that upsets us a little… and I’m sure the food industry wouldn’t publish anything like this today right? Right? Wait…

Gotta love that seven incher.

And while you’re done there taking care of the sandwich’s every need, get your husband his breakfast would you?

Not digging the vintage vibe? How about this one instead?

I know I’m not the first (and hopefully won’t be the last) person to gripe about sexism in advertising. And readily admit that sometimes men get the short end of the stick as well. Men sexualize women, and more and more women sexualize and poke fun at men. So I guess my question about advertising is the same as my question about politics: can’t we get our messages across without degrading each other?


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  1. Interesting post… I was a Women’s Studies major in college, so it’s actually refreshing to see a post that analyzes ads through a gendered lens. The Burger King ad reminds me of a ramen commercial that I saw. In the ad, an attractive woman is making suggestive noises and facial expressions, and the viewer does not realize that she’s eating ramen until the very end. It’s very voyeuristic.

      • Very off topic, but as a proud Asian I feel it must be said-you have obviously never been to a half-way decent ramen house… but given the horrible advertising-who can blame you?

        As to your final question, unfortunately advertising won’t change until society stops rewarding advertisers for selling sex, not products. It’s very unlikely to happen the other way around

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