Lust: Bhldn by Urban Outfitters


A couple years ago it seemed like everyone and their brother had their own perfume line and now that same trend is moving into the wedding gown world. And while a part of me asks if we really need one more wedding dress designer, these amazing dresses from Urban Outfitters new line caught my eye. The brand is trying to fill a niche in the wedding market instead of competing with the swarm of white dresses.

“Traditionally, people got married in churches. Now, they’re getting married on beaches and mountain tops. We’re building our assortment for the ultimate end use.”

I really do love the styles they’ve released pictures of, and think they’d be great for a vintage bride or one who’s just a little quirky and wants something that defies wedding expectations. What do you think? Would you wear one of these on your big day or stay with a traditional white gown?

Check out the full article at Huffington Post.


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  1. My friend, who’s obsessed with everything weddings, told me about this last night. I find it really exciting not only because UO is one of my favorite stores. I think there are so few non-traditional options out there, I like that a woman doesn’t have to sacrifice their personal style for a taffeta ball gown.

  2. I adore these dresses and I am so happy you did a post on them. I would 10000000% wear one of these on my big day…call me quirky, but I do not want the traditional white dress. I think their line is simply divine!

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