Pole dancing IS HARD! VERY HARD! Oh, and it hurts like a bitch!

Pole Trick Foundations fit into my schedule, so I showed up… and apparently I haven’t done things in this wrong of an order since I watched Matrix Reloaded before The Matrix.

That metal pole is NOT forgiving to the inside of your thighs, let me tell you. I never expected that holding on for dear life would hurt so much. The sensation is somewhere between someone holding a match up to your thighs and someone rubbing it down with sandpaper. They tell me if I keep going it will hurt less.

But! I did manage to get my whole body off the ground, and while I may have been huffing and puffing and sweating and dying, everyone was super supportive and no one acted like I was holding their class up, which is a pleasant change of pace from my other short forays into the world of exercise.

My whole body is in pain, but I go back tomorrow.


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