Imminent Death is an Excellent Motivator


Today I did something I never thought I’d be able to do… crunches! Okay, the only reason I did them was because I was distracted by hanging upside down in a swing with my head two inches off the floor. But hey, if it takes imminent death to distract me from exercise, who am I to argue?

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Aerial is the scariest thing I’ve ever done, I honestly don’t know what convinced me I could let go with my hands and just hang by my legs. April (my instructor) is super supportive and doesn’t laugh at me when I shriek in terror, so that helps. Also I’m stubborn as hell and when I decide I want to do something I pretty much just pummel through until it’s done. I’m still riding on the high of being able to DO these things, it’s pretty damn amazing when you think about it.

My whole body already feels tighter and my work wife says I look skinner, though I think she’s just humoring me 😉


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