Plateau is a Four Letter Word


I’m frustrated and in pain today. Everyone is better than me, and I feel like I’m embarrassing myself and everyone else in class by staying. I’m the only one who can’t invert and the only one who has trouble climbing.

There was a brand new girl today and I thought to myself “oh good, a comrade in sucking!”. Um no. Turns out she’s a gym rat and was all perfect right off the get go. I hate her already. I was tearing up through class but luckily so sweaty I doubt anyone noticed.

This is usually the part of anything where I give up and move on to something else (see: sewing, singing, javascript…) but in a moment of brilliance I signed up for a six month membership so I’m pretty sure my cheap side will win out and I’ll still go back tomorrow. I just won’t be happy about it. #fiveyearsold


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  1. Wait, am I reading the timeline correctly? You’re frustrated because you can’t invert after less than 2 weeks? Oh honey. I’ve been poling for almost 5 months, and I can’t really invert yet. I mean, I’ve managed it with a spotter, but I can’t do it consistently and it sure isn’t pretty.

    I’m nowhere near a split, my back flexibility isn’t all that great, and I only nailed my body rolls last week. However, I take great pride in my pointed toes, the way I extend my line through my fingertips and toes, and the fact that I nailed my wrist seat on my first try. We all progress differently. The day that I invert on my own will be a grand day, indeed. The fact that it’s taking so much time and work to get there will just make my victory sweeter.

    (BTW, I came here from Studio Veena. I’m Indigo on there, too!)

    • Hey 🙂 I know, after talking to people at my studio, I realized those ladies had been there much longer than me or had prior training, or BOTH. Still, I can’t wait for invert day!

  2. I’ve totally been there. I take FOREVER to build muscles so a lot of pole moves come to me slower then to others. Keep at it! try to not compare yourself because even if you don’t know it there are things you are better at, whether it be pointed toes, flexibility, coordination, keeping a rhythm while dancing, floor work or hair flicks. We all have our natural talents but when you work super hard to get somewhere you will be so proud in the end. Stick with it!

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