Level up!


I ordered some new booty shorts on Amazon and they FINALLY came in today, I was so excited to have some new outfits for class after rocking the same two pairs for the past week and a half since I started (a girl can only wear and wash the same shorts so many times before they start to look downright questionable)… but Houston, we may have a problem…

My chair dancing instructor said I was too slutty.

There’s one of those phrases you never thought you’d say, huh? Tonight I couldn’t get to pole class but COULD make it for chair dancing so I figured, hey, why not? I show up and the instructor says “well, that might be how you dress for pole, but here, we like to wear a little more”. I’m sorry, you teach CHAIR. DANCING. and you’re going to judge the length of my shorts?

If that was the only comment I might think I was just being over sensitive but she made two or three more remarks about how I was dressed throughout class. I personally think I was dressed pretty mildly by pole standards, but let’s look at the bright side – I scandalized the pole studio tonight. +100exp., level up!

The offending outfit


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