It's ALL About the Shoes!


I couldn’t figure out why I was slipping and sliding all over the studio floor while everyone else was sticking just fine… guess what? Stripper shoes have rubber bottoms and my street shoes don’t! TADA, no more slipping!

The problem is, I have crazy skinny feet. Nice shoe people call them “European feet” but in reality it just means I have a heck of a time finding anything that fits well. So I’m pigeon-holed into one brand – Pleaser.

Before… matte and blah

This would be fine except Pleaser stopped producing glittery shoes. And me, being me, I will probably dip my first born child in glitter if I can so you KNOW my stripper shoes will be fabulous. I did a little DIY work and I’m really happy with how they came out, check out the after!



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