The Fringe Benefits of Pole


Pole dancing has made me relate better to children. No really, wait, hear me out…

My six-year-old cousin is visiting this week and she was delighted to find I could pick her up, carry her around on my shoulders, let her climb on me like a little hairless monkey and swing her around with no problem. Why can I do that all that? Because of the strength in my arms and core I have from pole.

I’ve never been a physically strong person. Growing up I was really sick all the time, I’ll spare you the gory details, but basically I couldn’t have any undue impact to my body or potential breaking of bones. Additionally, I was (and still am) clumsy as hell and run into walls and trip over my own feet on a pretty regular basis.

Whenever April shows me a new move, I feel like that kid on the sports sidelines again going “I’m never going to be able to do that!” but then I give a shot… and while it might not be graceful or sexy, I CAN do it. I can hold my body weight up on the pole, I can invert on the swing and land on my feet, I can spin and climb and be completely off the ground and it all feels amazing as hell because I never thought I’d be good at a sport, any sport, and it turns out I am.

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