The Battler :D


Deep down, I’m a student at heart. When I find something I love, I research the crap out of it. I’ve been sick the past few days and spent my couch time reading about the history of pole dance, trends in pole dance, theories on pole dance… and my personal favorite (gee, I wonder why) BLOGS on pole dance!

I’m officially obsessed with pole dancing blogs! One of my new favorites is Shimmy’s Pole Diary, and this post really stuck with me. I’m totally the battler!

“The Battler is not naturally adept at pole dancing. But she absolutely frickin loves it, and it shows. She is dedicated, hard-working, and though her progress is slow, each hard-won victory is a celebration for her and for her teacher. She has repeated every level at least twice, but she is slowly and steadily getting stronger and more flexible, and is making new discoveries about what she is capable of every day…

I’m going to put it out there and nominate the Battler as one of my favourite types of student. Go girl!”

Since I joined my studio, it seems like every other newbie has some crazy fitness background. We have a physical therapist, a gym rat, and several dancers – oh, and me, who hadn’t set foot in a gym in five years before I starting poling. And even before that, I pretty much walked into the gym, ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes and said “well, this is really stupid, I’m ordering a pizza”.

It’s hard to keep going when I don’t have anyone on my “level” to compare to (yes yes, I know, you shouldn’t ever compare yourself to anyone BUT yourself, blah blah unique snowflake). But I’m nothing if not stubborn as hell and I’m going to be the best damn pole dancer I can be.


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