When Are You a Pole Dancer?


Titles are important to the people who have them. In my interpreter training program, you were NOT allowed to call yourself anything except an “interpreting student” until the day you graduated – on your resume or anywhere else.

My engineering friends have mentioned similar rules in their majors. And I can’t imagine that people start calling themselves football players, actors, models, or singers until they pay their dues.Even in the gym, there seems to be a pledging process but you get to be a part of the in-crowd (gym rats?).

But I never felt that way with pole – maybe that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. From the first day I walked in the studio, there was a general acknowledgement that if you’re willing to strut in the heels, sport the bruises, and let the pole peel your skin off, you get to be a pole dancer. It honestly is the most welcoming community I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.

Has anyone else noticed this in their studios, or do I just have the best studio ever (I think I do, but I may be a little biased ^_~)


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