18 Things I Want


Sometimes, for lack of anything better to do, I’ll actually watch the trending topics on Twitter. I’m telling you, it’s every bit as interesting as cable! Today one came up #18thingsIwant. I like this number, 18 things is small enough to acquire but large enough to be a little dreamy. So, drumroll please… here are the 18 things I want for pole (or rather, 18 of the MANY things I want for pole).

1. An X-Sport – I almost bought a Platinum Stages pole from Craig’s List, but on further inspection of the internets, it seems that they don’t have the greatest reputation. Plus, I like that the X-Poles don’t have to be drilled in to anything and can be put in the handy carrying case for when guests might actually want to use my guest room.


2. Dry Hands! – I ordered some from Amazon, can’t wait to try it out!


3. These Jet Set Shorts. I can only find them at Aerial Pole Artist and the shipping costs more than the shorts!


4. To street pole with someone! It just looks like so much freaking fun!


5. Someone to take my picture every time I do something cool. Seriously, when do I get my own paparazzi?


6. Martha Stewart glitter in every color. Is there anything pole dancers DON’T need glitter for?


7. To finally get my damn invert down. I love when pole dancers just go “oops, look, now I’m upside down, tee-hee!” I want to do that!!!


8. Some high-waisted retro-fabulous booty shorts.


9. A collection of shirts from different pole studios all around. I think it’d be cool to stop by other studios while I’m traveling and bring the shirts back.


10. For my side business of shoe-glittering to take off. Or to find some other way to help fund my pole habit.


11. A rhinestone bra, and the courage to wear it on the pole.


12. One really great routine that I can bust out and show off with.


13. A magical cure for bruises so people can stop thinking my boyfriend hits me… when I don’t even have a boyfriend. (Yeah, thanks for that painful reminder, bitches :P)


14. For everyone to stop posting that picture of a dog “pole dancing” on a piece of bamboo. It’s not funny.


15. For my work to install a pole and a swing so I can practice on breaks. (I know, I know, dream on)


16. Someone to say “wow, that looks great, I can’t believe you can do that!”. Just once… a day…. everyday.


17.  Light up stripper shoes. Why do little kids get all the light up shoes?!


18.  This painted on the wall in the room where my pole is going to go. How cool would that be???

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