Sacrificing The Virgin


For future reference: always be wary when your pole instructor says “today we’re going to sacrifice virgin skin to the pole gods”. Just when I think perhaps, mayhaps that one day I will stop bruising like an overripe banana… my instructor finds new skin to attack.

Sacrificing a virgin, much sexier than tearing up virgin skin

I will say that my amount of bruising in standard pole places (knees, calves, thighs, arms…) has gone down significantly since I first started. Which I’m pretty impressed by because honestly, I thought it never would and had pretty much consigned myself to looking like a victim of domestic abuse for the rest of my life. But… there’s always new skin to torment.

After my first knee grip…

And the really messed up thing is that I KNOW it going in to a new move. When I first start to sink into my yogini it’s PAIN. Not like “oh, I wore these really cute but super uncomfortable shoes for too many hours, tee hee” pain, more like “holy @#$(*&!!! Someone is holding a burning torch to my side and then scraping it with a rake!” pain.

This one made wearing pants fun 

And that’s just getting in to it… holding it…UM OW! But the most success I’ve had getting in to tricks is when I prep talk myself “this is going to hurt, and you’re going to do it anyway”.

Floor work is a bitch…

There must be something seriously wrong with us pole dancers that we know “this is going to hurt like hell and even worse tomorrow” and yet we still bend ourselves into yoginis and teddys and geminis like champions. But I love it so much!


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  1. I always find my inner arm bruises/burns are the worst. It’s a much more sensitive area. (Though the Teddy Bear didn’t hurt as much.) My first yogini and my first marley were a lot of pain but it certainly gets easier with time.

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