The Pole of Legend!


It’s here, it’s heeeeeeeeeere! Well, technically it was here a couple days ago but I wanted to wait until I had the full set-up in order to post 🙂

X-pole in Box

My shiny new 45mm X-Sport has been successfully installed in my guest room, complete with mipole light on top! I freaking love this thing, it changes colors in time to the music and took about two and a half seconds to install. I seriously just turned music on and sat and watched it go for awhile – kind of like slutty Christmas lights.


POLE installation on the other hand… well, let’s just say my pole sister’s husband had to come over and help me because my inability to find a stud affects more than just my dating life 😛

But here it is, and I’ve been playing on it every single day! I still love and prefer my studio time, but there’s something freeing about being able to play around without anyone watching or knowing that I’m holding someone else up. I hope this will help with my complete inability to freestyle for fear of looking like a Japanese child after watching Pokemon.


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  1. Have you used a brass pole before or just the steel? I’ve been pricing poles and am used to 45mm brass so just wondering.

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