Lies My Pole Taught Me


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There’s so much debate in the community about how you tell people you pole, when you tell them, how much you tell them and I tend to fall on the more liberal side of the debate – I’m proud of what I do and I don’t really care what people think.

But… I also believe in choosing my battles. Not everyone is worth debating with and if they’re only in my life for five minutes, I’m happy to let them think whatever they like and walk away happy. Here, some of the itty bitty white lies I’ve told:

To the 90 year old cardiologist: “Oh yeah, I do lots of cardio and strength training… kind of like yoga!”

To the nurse: “I fell on the machine at the gym… a couple of times… treadmills can be dangerous!”

To the lady at the grocery store: I’m just really clumsy”

To my neighbor: “Going to the gym again :)”

To my coworker: “That IS a really weird place for a bruise, I have no idea how I got it!”

To the lady in my office when picking up my pole: “Yeah, this is a really heavy TV stand”


Am I the only one who does this? What lies have you told for the sake of keeping the pole peace?



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  1. I find that the only people who really notice are those close to me who know i pole. I dress conservatively at the office as i work with families so no one notices bruises there. I haven’t really had to tell any lies yet, but thanks for sharing yours. When I told my doctor she just looked really confused…I don’t think she understood what pole fitness was. haha

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