My Pole Mantras


I was never one for mantras, I always thought they were useful, but not for me. Who wants to think the same thing over and over again? Then I started pole, and now I find that I have two that go through my head .

One is for before I get to the gym to get me there, after I leave when I’m a sweaty mess, and when I’m bruising like crazy and it’s something that the person who introduced me to pole said to me on the first day:

“You are so strong and beautiful”

The other is specifically for trying new tricks and holds, in those few seconds before you pick your foot up off the ground.

“This is going to hurt, it’s going to bruise, and you’re going to do it anyway”.

Personally I think the first makes me sound less like a crazy masochist than the second, so that’s probably the only one I’d admit to outside the pole community 😛

So what about you? Do you have any pole mantras or words to live by? Anything that keeps you going?

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