I think I’m pole bipolar. It’s either my favorite thing ever or I want to cry because I feel so inadequate, or sometimes both. I look at photos from three months ago and think “wow, I’m making progress!”, then I watch videos of Jeyne Butterfly and go “I’m going to suck at this forever”.

In rage faces speak I go from  to

 and back again at least a couple times a week. I’m strange, I know.

Yesterday was such a frustrating pole day – I felt like I had no strength, I was uber slippery, and everything I tried to do just flopped. It felt like I was back in July when I first started all over again and even though the instructor and my classmates were super sweet, I left feeling pretty defeated.

So, knowing my bipolar rage face zen, I went back today and KICKED ASS. No one else showed up for either class so I had an hour and a half private lesson! I CAN FINALLY CLIMB! Next time you see me, I’ll be hanging the from ceiling like one of those creepy kids in the horror movies. Bwahaha.

I got my lay back (still need to straighten it out some), and did gorgeous and chair spins. I’m also getting dangerouslllly close to my inverted-v.

What’s all this mean? Time to update the list! (Cue dramatic yet tacky game show music here)

Tricks I can do almost sort of do sometimes:

  • Teddy
  • Yogini
  • Polesit
  • Crucifix
  • Basic climb
  • Lay back
  • Seat
  • Basic invert
  • Inverted Crucifix
  • Ally-oop
  • Inverted-V

Spins I can do:

  • Dip Squat
  • Goddess
  • Fireman
  • Firelady
  • Princess
  • One-arm fireman
  • One-arm Herky
  • Herky
  • Dip squat into goddess combo
  • Underarm turn
  • Half underarm turn
  • Gorgeous
  • Chair

Transitions I can do (this I need to update but I can’t find names):

  • Body roll
  • Money maker
  • Snake

Currently working on:

  • Fan kick
  • Wrist sit
  • Martini

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