Happy Halloween Pole People!


Remember when you were younger and went to group functions, and you THOUGHT they were going to be awesome, but then you ended up sitting in the corner, talking to the one person you sort of knew and texting on your phone all night while the popular people laughed and socialized in the middle of the room making it all the more obvious that they were having a better time than you were? No? Then I’m very glad for you and your lack of social issues but anyway, the point is last night was nothing like that!

Pole parties are my new favorite thing on the planet! For our Halloween party last night, there were brand new never-touched-a-pole girls and seasoned I-teach-classes-in-badassness girls and everything in between. Before I got there, I was really afraid that it would be the really really good people showing off and the rest of us hiding in the corners, wishing we could do what they can. Instead, pole vets were teaching us middle-of-the-pole girls how to improve our moves, and even I could show the new-newbies basic climbs and spins.

Everyone was just happy to be there and everyone had something to show everybody else. I seriously think I had at least one conversation with every single person at the party. It was one of those magical moments in life where you look around and realize “I fit here”. There was no text message corner-hiding for this girl. If my life were a bad 90s tween movie, there would be a perky theme song by a pop star playing in the background.  It’s like high school SHOULD have been, but wasn’t.

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