It's Not Easy Being A Giraffe


Cute and awkward, just like me 😀


Like it or not, in spite of all the diversity we preach in the present day, there are some things that just come easier to certain body types.

If you want to play basketball, it helps to tower over the other players. If you want to be a jockey, it’s useful to be pocket-sized. And my mother was once kicked out of a ballet studio after the instructor asked her “have you ever seen a six foot ballerina?!”
Pole dancing seems to fall somewhat in the middle – If you’re tall, you get some added flexibility since you have extra inches of limb to grab at. And, once you get them, most tricks and spins look especially extra pretty with all that extra leg swinging around. The thing that I’m coming to terms with is that it is going to take tall girls like me approximately  seven and a half times longer to get most things.
Like freakin’ forearm stands. I’ve been working on these suckers for over a week and a half. A girl came into the studio yesterday, her second class EVER, and whoop! There she goes, upside down on her head doing wavy legs against the pole like a pro. Where am I? Still on the ground with a headache and sore feet. I’m not too proud to admit I was more than a little jealous.
The frustrating thing is… height isn’t something you can change – you can lose or gain weight, get bigger nearly anything by way of plastic surgery. Go bottle blonde or bottle pink in a day. But when it comes down to it, I’m still going to be in danger of hitting my head on the ceiling.
It’s not easy being a giraffe. 


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