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Friday Night Noms


Okay it might be the most over-done Magic craft ever, but I baked M:TG colored cookies for my local FNM (actually, Saturday night, because we’re cool like that). The frosting was the best part.

  • Red: White chocolate red raspberry truffle
  • Green: White chocolate almond
  • Blue: Blue gel frosting (cheated and bought it)
  • White: White chocolate drizzle
  • Black: Dark chocolate

I was originally going to add food color to the cookies themselves, but I wasn’t sure anyone would want to eat a green or blue cookie. The sugar cookie recipe came out awesome, and you can try it here.

Myr Binder


I was trying to stay on budget when I bought binders and pages for all my cards. These ugly navy blue binders were $1, and the next best were $6, so… ugly blue binders it is. Being an art kid at heart, I just couldn’t leave them ugly and blue, so I started painting and somehow ended up with a Myr themed binder for my artifact cards. What do you think?



3D Lotus


Here’s my second attempt at a lotus flower using M:TG cards. It’s much more 3D than the last one, but I think I could add another set of petals on the inside where it’s a little bare. I’ll try again this weekend with some basic swamps I have.


More Alters


Just a couple more extended art cards, I LOVE LOVE how Full Moon’s Rise came out, I think the stars are just great. As always, I’m still a little messy and thick with the paint :/ Blarg.


Creepy Crawly


I got so lazy on the bottom of this alter, by the time I got down there I just wanted to be done and so I blurred it out. I originally tried extending the building down, but it just looked weird so, giant red block on the bottom. I’m cool like that.

First Alter


This right here is my first ever extended art card!

The paint is thick, the lines are crooked, and there’s about a million things wrong with it.

But somehow, I love it anyway.

How to: Turn a Bookself into a Glam Display Case


One of my favorite fashion searches is to see how people keep their closets organized while displaying their designer wares. Maybe it’s for inspiration or maybe it’s the same thrill that keeps my mom and I peeking into open windows while we drive by houses at night. Either way, I never ceased to be amazed by the numberways creative fashionistias store their good.

Once my collection started to really take off I couldn’t keep it all on my dresser any longer, and I didn’t have the amazing walk-in closet I do now, so I went to Target (the answer to all life’s problems) and bought two folding bookshelves to stack on top of each other. 

I loved this solution because it kept everything in one place, the shelves were large enough to store my bigger bags (note the Louis Keepall 55 on the bottom) and I could easily see what I had when I was deciding what to wear. Since it was actually two bookshelves stacked, I used some black electrians tape to hold them together and make the unit a little more sturdy, but I’m pretty sure it would have been fine on its own.

Close-ups of the shelves after the break for the super nosey (like me!)

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Love: Inspired Owls


I don’t know why, but I’ve had a thing for owls ever since Marc Jacobs started putting them on jewelry. Something about them just makes me smile, maybe it’s how their eyes are always a little too big for their heads? Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time reading books for grad school and I’m starting to look like one. Either way, hopefully this list of little owls will make your day brighter (the earrings are just $12!)

The Hoots Have It

The Hoots Have It by jennaw featuring black jewelry

Full item descriptions and where to buy after the break

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Love: Kitschy Scarves for Budding Fashionistas


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m pretty much a Twitter stalker. I find new fashion, new friends, and even people to interview through my Twitter feed. If you follow me, it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll chat at some time or another. So when these insanely cute scarves popped up on my feed this morning, I squealed at my desk (cue awkward moment with my office mates).

What little fashionista wouldn’t love her very first “stole”? If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the child in your life (or maybe your crazy aunt?), check out these made-to-order scarves by SillyHilli over at Etsy.