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Lose: Retro Male Advertisements


I’m doing a paper on fashion advertisements for my visual communication class, and in my search I ran into these old school ads for some very… interesting male fashion choices. From jump suits that would make Juicy Couture shudder to man tights that belong in an American Apparel ad, some things should just stay in the past! Enjoy!




Images from Found in Mom’s Basement


Love: Searching for Style’s Fashion 101


When I stumbled across Searching for Style’s series of articles entitled “Fashion 101” I couldn’t have been more pleased! Have you ever wondered what makes haute couture so couture, or why are luxury products so damn expensive? Searching for Style has all the answers available in an easy to read (and understand format!) for those of us who don’t work in the industry.

I took a quick screen grab of the posts currently available, the list is also available on to right-hand side of this page. Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Lust: Miss Lanvin Dolls


Aren’t these little dolls from Lanvin the cutest thing? They come out with new designs every season, but even more than the clothes I love the moments they seem to capture, like little snapshots into a fashionable life.

The mother/daughter sets are so reflective of how Jeanne Lanvin got her start, sewing clothes for her own daughter that all the other mothers then asked her to copy for their daughters and themselves. They also point to the miniature dolls that Jeanne made to show her new designs as part of the post-war effort to ration fabric. And (perhaps most importantly) they come beautifully packaged in a signature Lanvin blue box.

Lose: American Apparel Ads


Sometimes fashion makes you say ‘what the hell?’. That’s definitely the case with the new American Apparel ads by Dov Charney. I never understand clothing ads that don’t actually advertise the clothes, and these ads have… well, no clothes at all. Plus, I’m just going to say it, I’m a little afraid of the giant bush on one of illustrations.

Possibly NSFW, so view images after the break.

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