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Love: Fabulous in February, Take Two


The wonderful Melissa of A Working Mom’s Closet has posted a challenge… to say three positive things about yourself every Monday in Feburary. The goal is to hold off winter blues and get a little positivity and self love happening around the blogosphere. At first this may not sound like a challenge at all, but most of us grew up in a culture where it’s not nice to say nice things about yourself. So, at the risk of sounding like an egomaniac, and defying culture norms, here are my next three things (I forgot last week like an idiot, but you can read week one here):

I love my style

I’ve had people call it different things from “retro chic” to “dirty librarian” but my style is all my own. I wear what makes me feel happy, confident, and sexy even when it breaks the traditional fashion “rules” (white after Labor Day, red lipstick for daytime).

I love that I’m blonde

It took a long time and a lot of bleach to get here, but I’m so happy with the dewy white-blonde color my hair has come out. It fits my personality, my coloring, my 1940s vibe and well, let’s face it, my blonde moments make a lot more sense now.

I love my resume

While my college buddies were out partying, I was working on homework, working multiple part-time jobs and building a future I could be proud of. I’m graduating with my master’s this spring, have a job I love, no debt and I’m truly proud of everything I’ve accomplished.

That’s that, folks. Happy  Monday and be sure to post your own Fabulous in February!

Love: The Case for Designer Handbags


Ever wonder just what a designer bag has to offer? Granted this is a fashion blog, so if you’ve found yourself here you’re probably already a fan of the timeless labels. But if you’re still on the fence (or trying to bring your significant other over to the dark side for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift) check out my latest article over at The Bags Blog for the excuse you need to go buy something fabulous 🙂

Lust: Bhldn by Urban Outfitters


A couple years ago it seemed like everyone and their brother had their own perfume line and now that same trend is moving into the wedding gown world. And while a part of me asks if we really need one more wedding dress designer, these amazing dresses from Urban Outfitters new line caught my eye. The brand is trying to fill a niche in the wedding market instead of competing with the swarm of white dresses.

“Traditionally, people got married in churches. Now, they’re getting married on beaches and mountain tops. We’re building our assortment for the ultimate end use.”

I really do love the styles they’ve released pictures of, and think they’d be great for a vintage bride or one who’s just a little quirky and wants something that defies wedding expectations. What do you think? Would you wear one of these on your big day or stay with a traditional white gown?

Check out the full article at Huffington Post.

Lose: Retro Male Advertisements


I’m doing a paper on fashion advertisements for my visual communication class, and in my search I ran into these old school ads for some very… interesting male fashion choices. From jump suits that would make Juicy Couture shudder to man tights that belong in an American Apparel ad, some things should just stay in the past! Enjoy!




Images from Found in Mom’s Basement

Love: The Perfect Friday Night


I so admire the beautiful image posts so many bloggers offer, so I thought I’d try a little editorial photography of mine own. I know that I need a LOT more work and probably a more professional camera to get images that look like they were pulled straight out of a magazine, but everybody has to start somewhere, right?

The perfect Friday night…

So what do you guys think? Something you’d like to see more of? Should I stick to how-tos and lust, love, lose posts? Feedback is always most appreciated 🙂

How To: Buy Used Designer Handbags


With the recession that may or may not have existed and may or may not still be here, even the hippest fashionistas have considered looking to “previously loved” handbags to get their fashion fixes. I’ve been purchasing my bags online through sites like eBay and Bonanaza for four years now, and went through the school of hard knocks when it comes to fakes, beat-up bags, and even the infamous switch-and-bait. Here, 5 tips to keep you from having to learn the hard way too.

1. Know what you want

Type “Louis Vuitton” into eBay and you’ll come up with thousands of results, after a page or two it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Look on the websites of designers you love to see exactly what you want before you start your second-hand search. Consider how you like to carry your bag (shoulder? crossbody? clutch?) and how much space you need. Think about the bag you’re currently carrying, what do you love about it? What do you wish was different? Knowing what you’re looking for will help you to find it faster, and make sure you don’t end up disappointed.

2. Read the description, and then read it again!

When you get excited about a purchase, it’s easy to overlook the details. Read the description carefully and make sure you’re alright with any damage, wear, or adjustments that have been made to the bag. Look at all the photos, copy them to your computer and zoom in on the details and ask questions from the seller about anything that isn’t clear.

3. Authenticate!

Even if it looks real, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from an expert. Sites like The Purse Forum have enthusiasts of a number of brands who can tell the real from the faux, and there are a few pay sites who will guarantee their results and give you a certificate of authenticity. When your bag arrives, double check it against the pictures you’ve saved from the website (because you did save them, right?) and make sure nothing looks suspicious. If you’re at all unsure, post a new set of authentication pictures that you’ve taken yourself and get a (second) second opinion.

4. Use PayPal

When you purchase on eBay, PayPal guarantees that the item you pay for is the item you’ll get and if it’s not, they’ll pull the money out of the seller’s account and get it back to you (with a few hoops to jump through). Even if you buy from another site, PayPal still offers some protection and keeps your credit card information private.

5. Clean

When your bag arrives, after you’ve made double sure it’s authentic, it’s time to clean it up. Depending on the material, there are many great cleaning options available (that’s another how-to entirely!) but you’ll want to make sure you don’t use anything that can damage that bag. This step isn’t necessary, but it gives a little piece of mind, and makes the bag really yours 🙂

Used bags are a great way to save a lot of money and own bags that you might never be able to afford otherwise (see my latest baby here). If you have any questions from a veteran of the used bag trenches, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap!

Love: Vintage Clothing

‘Love’ posts are all about fantastic, affordable fashion that you can buy today without putting a dent in your wallet. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is by making my way through every Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value World I can find. It’s a great way to find pieces both current and vintage on the cheap, but it can be time consuming. So lately, I’ve been checking out online resellers; these fasionistas do the collecting for us and then post them organized by size and style for online shopping pleasure.
One shop that’s caught my eye is Fluke Store over at Etsy. So, being the journalistic weirdo I am, I emailed the shop owner who agreed to be interviewed for Lust Love Lose, and also to provide a discount to readers (more on that below). Here’s an example of just a few of the items available in her shop:
LLL: Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed, can you introduce yourself?

FS: I’m Marian, 30 years old Live in Chicago near the lake in neighborhood with indie people.

LLL: What attracted you to vintage clothing?
FS: Wearing vintage makes you look different. Not everyone will have the same item as you. Also knowing for example that coat from 50s it’s not only coat. It has history to snuggle me in. That’s what make me to look at the vintage in different way. Like an old wine.
LLL: You have so many great vintage pieces in your shop, where do you find them?
FS: Chicago is and has been a place with a lot of auctions I’m lucky to have so many interesting people around me. My lovey friend  Sarah S. (now 68 years) use to own one of biggest modeling agencies back 30 years ago. Through her I met so many people who used to be in the fashion business. Also estate sells here in Chicago are amazing, I hunt in the North part of the city.
LLL: How do you decide which pieces to sell?
FS: As you see my store is new and I’m still learning. I want to put all of them together, but that doesn’t work. I just opened 2 more stores in Etsy and want to separate and make browsing more comfortable for my customers.
LLL: Is there an era you like best?
FS: The Great Depression era and the 1940s
Now for more good news, Marian has offered Lust Love Lose readers 15% off her shop if you enter code “SUR” at checkout.
Do you love vintage finds? Found any hidden treasure at a Goodwill lately? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Love: A New to Me Bag


Buying used (pre-loved) bags is a hot topic in the fashion world. Some people think it’s disgusting, some people think it’s cheap, and some people think it’s a great way to save money. I fall into the last camp as probably 90% of my designer bags are pre-loved. I switch bags so often I’d feel guilty paying full price, plus buying used lets me get brands I couldn’t otherwise (Louis Vuitton!).

This week I’ve been stalking my postman for a new workbag I ordered before Thanksgiving and today it FINALLY came! I thought I’d share the excitement of a new/used bag with a little unveiling.

Want to see what I got? Check it out after the page break!

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How To: Apply Red Lipstick


I struggled with the idea of writing a fashion how-to. There are very few things in life I claim to be an expert in, and there are so many great fashion blogs out there already, would I really have something to contribute? But I find every time I wear this look I have people ask me how to do a perfect red lip. And after a Twitter conversation about red lipstick with the brains behind What Would a Nerd Wear, I knew it was fate.

There are as many different ways out there as there are shades of red, but I find this method lasts me all day with almost no smearing and very little touch-up.

You’ll need…

  • A lip brush (mine is from an old kit)
  • A lip stain (mine is Very Sexy Muse from Victoria’s Secret)
  • Red lipstick (I use Clinique #95 Red Hot)
  • Lipgloss (I’ve got Delux Beauty Crush Lip Gloss in Sweet Plum)

Start with a clean lip.

Apply a good coat of lip stain and LET DRY 2-3 minutes, otherwise the lipstick won’t go over it nicely. I use this is place of lipliner and find it holds up better and looks more natural as the lipstick wears off.

Apply a coat of your red lipstick. There’s lots of debate on using a lip brush or even your finger but I just apply straight from the tube. Then I smooth it out with a lip brush, I also think it helps it to stick but this could just be my imagination.

Apply a coat of lipgloss with your lip brush, starting in the center and blending out to the edges. If your lipgloss comes in a tube, I suppose you could apply it directly from the tube but the lipstick will turn your gloss red. Plus, I feel like I get better control with the brush. The gloss holds the lipstick in place and also keeps you from getting smears on your hair/face/clothes/glasses/boyfriend.

And that’s it! Around lunchtime I touch up any spots that are starting to get light and apply another coat of glass but it usually lasts all day with no worries.

What do you do? Any secrets you can share? Post in the comments below! 🙂