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Love: The Perfect First Date Outfit


After extensive research this weekend, I’m proud to say that I have figured out the surprisingly sexy but perfectly appropriate first date outfit for a casual dinner or movie night. Turns out our mothers were right, it is good to leave a little to the imagination (and what does that better than an oversized sweater?) but the beater peeking out from underneath and an eye-catching statement necklace keep it from looking too sloppy or granny. Pair with skinny jeans to show off your shape and a pair of FLAT over-the-knee boots.

Perfect First Date

Perfect First Date by jennaw featuring gray boots

What do you think? Is this a look you’d wear on a casual date? What would you wear to something a little fancier? Post your Polyvore sets in the comments!

Lust: Mid-Decemeber Wishes


Is it just me or is it getting to be that part of December that’s a little exhausting? The snow stopped being novel a week ago, the malls are packed, I’m still getting over my last cold, and Christmas music is so firmly stuck in my head that I know it’ll be there until at least Valentine’s Day. Here, five things that would make my mid-Decemeber a little brighter and get me through to the Holidays.

Beat Winter Blues

Beat Winter Blues by jennaw featuring skinny pants

one: My hands get so dry in winter, this L’Occitane lotion set would be perfect to throw in my bag and the box is so pretty too! ($25)

two: I die for this Balenciaga leather tote – big enough for all my work and school supplies and sturdy enough to survive the Rochester weather ($1,256)

three: These DKNY pants would look great tucked into boots and would keep my legs warm all day, plus the higher waste would help suck in the winter weight I’ve managed to gain! ($89)

four: Michael Michael Kors gloves are the ultimate winter accessory, functional and beautiful ($53)

five: I’m a heels girl all the way (the higher the better!), but sometimes a comfortable flat can get you further quicker and there’s nothing I’d rather wear running across the campus parking lot than these DV by Dolce Vita over the knee boots ($110)