Love or Lose: One Nail Different


I read in Cosmopolitan that celebrities are doing one nail an eye catching metallic while leaving the other nine a muted color. At first I thought it was an April Fool’s Joke, seriously, who would paint one nail a different color? But after I gave it a try for a  night out, I have to admit that the creative manicure set off my cocktail ring beautifully and made it look as though I’d spent ages planning it all (really it was a happy accident). Still, I’m not sold on this look for everyday, what do you ladies think? Would you rock this trend? (see my version below)

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  1. I am doing this now for the first time. I’m 48 and retired. I’m the type of person that thinks, either go bold or go home; yes I’m bi-polar. I do have my head screwed on right. I did a bright coral color with a bright pinky orange on my ring finger. Can’t wait to see what people say around this small town once I get out to run my errands!

  2. I think people who do that just look like sheep always following the trend. They think they’re being different, but how is copy-catting different? It’s just not.

  3. I just dont understand how people can not like it. Its just nail polish its not like it perminent. It doesnt look silly or stupid. Its a different color. goodness get over it, its like wearing two different socks its fine!

    • Because it’s not original. People who do it like to think they’re being original while they’re really just copying someone else. Ironic.

      • No one who does this thinks they’re the first to ever do it. They very well may be the first in their group of friends. who cares either way?

  4. who really cares what anyone else thinks. I really dont give a hoot what anybody thinks about what I choose to do. And if its as fun and innocent as setting your ring finger off I say go for it, it is a beautiful look and trent. Sloppy and unproffessional. Do you go to church and judge as well? Keep on with the classy and sparkly ring fingers. I am!

  5. I don’t like this trend. Although I admire people branching out and understand the need to put a twist on your everyday fashion “accessory”, this is unclassy and unsophisticated…at least in my book. It’s edgy to try a bright color or an unexpected hue, but having one nail different is sloppy, unorganized and messy. Keep it together and stay classy with a solid color…you’ll look more put together. Just think: Would you see Jacqueline Kennedy, Kate Middleton, or Michelle Obama doing this? All beautifully, fashion-forward, smart women who people look at every day for fashion advice. Have you ever seen them with this trend? No.

  6. I like doing contrasting colors.. it really stands out and its fun. this week i had royal blue on 8 fingers and bright orange on the ring fingers.. if youre gonna make a statement, make it count. go big or go home. haha 🙂

  7. It looks nice sometimes. For instance, i knew a girl who always painted her nails a warm grey color, with orange on both ring fingers. It looked okay i guess, but a little strange. I like painting my right ring finger silver, no matter what color the others are, because it always matches all other nail colors. In particular, I like painting most of my nails gold with one silver, because it matches and you can only tell the difference in direct sunlight, and also then your nails match both gold and silver jewelry.

  8. I do not understand this trend one bit. I looks like you chipped nail polish off one finger and didn’t have the same color to make it match.

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  10. I did this starting last week; had pale pink on 8 fingers and did the ring finger on both hands matte gray. My live-in boyfriend didn’t notice for two days. So this week I changed the gray finger to an almost lime green; took him another day to notice. Reactions from others has been mixed but almost 50% for/50% against. My boss (older conservative male) seems to be ok with it. BTW, I am a 47 yo senior management type. I love the color difference on the ring fingers, not so much the pinkie; the pinkie looks like a mistake but the ring finger looks like you meant to do it!

    • I saw a 40-something flight attendant rocking this look last week, in subdued gray and tan. It looked good–a nice expression of individual fashion while wearing the work uniform.

  11. i didn’t even know it was a trend untill i saw a celeb having one nail a different color. i do mine typically with grey polish and one red nail on each hand. i love this trend!!!

  12. I do this all the time! It was a lot more fun before other people started doing it at my work.. Now I am going to start doing small 3d things, to step it up a notch. Right now they are champaigne with one red sparkly nail. Gorgeous 🙂

  13. I like the trend they way you did it, with the ring finger the different nail. I am not a fan as much of the pinky. I do this on occasion with all my fingers the same color and glitter polish on my ring finger, it gives a unique “pop”

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