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Don’t You Shop Me!


I don’t like photoshopped pictures. 

But probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. I’ll leave the arguments about wither or not they create unrealistic expectations and cultivate unrealistic self images to the thousands of writers who’ve already brought them up. For me, the real issue is that photoshop takes away your body’s story.

There’s a pic of Britney Spears, who, apparently from dancing, has some bruises on her leg. Photoshop – poof! No more bruises. Victoria’s Secret models? Too fit! They need more curves and so they photoshop some in. Those muscles they got from hours at the gym? Scar from second grade? Tattoo? Tan Lines? Gone!

I didn’t realize how anti-photoshop I was until a photographer friend touched up a picture he took of me. He smoothed out my tan, added some shiny life to my hair, and took away all my moles and this weird scar I’ve had on my face since I was a teen. I barely recognized myself! And not in the good way.



That girl is pretty, but she’s got no story. Where’d she come from? What does she do? Does she look like her mom or her dad? I can’t tell. And that’s why I don’t like photoshop.


For the first time in my life I have a body that I’m proud of. And that body includes pole kisses, a nearly eternal bruise on the top of my left foot from pole climbs, thighs that have gotten bigger thanks to gaining some muscle (I actually had to go up a size in my skinny jeans) and a variety of scars and weird marks from all sorts of accidents (have I mentioned I’m an awkward giraffe?).



I’m far from perfect, or even where I want to be, but it would feel like an insult to my body for all the work it’s done to just photoshop out the parts I don’t like. Even the part I hate most… my stomach.

Dozens of pole conditioning classes later, I still think I look a couple months preggers, and I hate that no matter what I do I can’t get rid of the pooch beneath my belly button – but that’s what it looks like. And I’m doing everything I can to make it better, so what is there to be embarrassed about? To prove how anti-shopping I am, here.. my most hated body part in all it’s unaltered glory.



Now that will probably haunt me for the rest of my internet days. #ohwell


It’s been a sad, sad week for Jenna… I had Lasik surgery last Friday and I haven’t been allowed to pole since. I swear, the pole in my spare room has been TAUNTING me. I’m not crazy as long as I don’t start talking back right? … Right??

New Treasure Chest Shoes!

But a friend of mine, knowing my pole-sadness, send me a box of stripper goodies priority mail to get me through until Saturday when I can pole again. Remember those jet-set shorts I posted about? In the box! And some treasure chest shoes with light up balls to go inside (but I’ve been putting everything I own in them and taking pictures instead :P) I’m gonna try to put some Magic: The Gathering cards in them and make myself geek heels! 😀

Glowy balls to make light up shoes 😀


Do the chicken dance!

Pole Care Package!

X-Pole… No… Nyan Pole!


ARRRRGHHHH I thought I would be posting about my awesome new X-Pole tonight but I can’t find the freaking stud/plank/whatever-the-heck in my ceiling to save my life. Yes, I tried a stud finder, the knocking method, the finishing nail method, the cry and pout and threaten the ceiling method. No luck.

So instead… here’s what nerdy pole dancers wear to the studio, just in case you were wondering.

18 Things I Want


Sometimes, for lack of anything better to do, I’ll actually watch the trending topics on Twitter. I’m telling you, it’s every bit as interesting as cable! Today one came up #18thingsIwant. I like this number, 18 things is small enough to acquire but large enough to be a little dreamy. So, drumroll please… here are the 18 things I want for pole (or rather, 18 of the MANY things I want for pole).

1. An X-Sport – I almost bought a Platinum Stages pole from Craig’s List, but on further inspection of the internets, it seems that they don’t have the greatest reputation. Plus, I like that the X-Poles don’t have to be drilled in to anything and can be put in the handy carrying case for when guests might actually want to use my guest room.


2. Dry Hands! – I ordered some from Amazon, can’t wait to try it out!


3. These Jet Set Shorts. I can only find them at Aerial Pole Artist and the shipping costs more than the shorts!


4. To street pole with someone! It just looks like so much freaking fun!


5. Someone to take my picture every time I do something cool. Seriously, when do I get my own paparazzi?


6. Martha Stewart glitter in every color. Is there anything pole dancers DON’T need glitter for?


7. To finally get my damn invert down. I love when pole dancers just go “oops, look, now I’m upside down, tee-hee!” I want to do that!!!


8. Some high-waisted retro-fabulous booty shorts.


9. A collection of shirts from different pole studios all around. I think it’d be cool to stop by other studios while I’m traveling and bring the shirts back.


10. For my side business of shoe-glittering to take off. Or to find some other way to help fund my pole habit.


11. A rhinestone bra, and the courage to wear it on the pole.


12. One really great routine that I can bust out and show off with.


13. A magical cure for bruises so people can stop thinking my boyfriend hits me… when I don’t even have a boyfriend. (Yeah, thanks for that painful reminder, bitches :P)


14. For everyone to stop posting that picture of a dog “pole dancing” on a piece of bamboo. It’s not funny.


15. For my work to install a pole and a swing so I can practice on breaks. (I know, I know, dream on)


16. Someone to say “wow, that looks great, I can’t believe you can do that!”. Just once… a day…. everyday.


17.  Light up stripper shoes. Why do little kids get all the light up shoes?!


18.  This painted on the wall in the room where my pole is going to go. How cool would that be???

Scary Scares and Stripper Socks


Howdy folks… by which I mean the two people who read this blog 😛

Had a scary scare this weekend, turns out exercise means the return of the pre-asthma I had as a kid. Awesome. So now I have an inhaler, which I’m glittering to match my shoes, because really, were you expecting anything less?

Speaking of shoes, everyone at my studio loves my glittered heels so much that the owner said I could offer them to the girls if I set a price. Which is GREAT, because myself spends waaaay too much money on pole stuff I don’t need… like these awesome Rainbow Brite stripper socks!!!

AND she wants to use my before and after pic! It’s been a good day for pole me 🙂

It's ALL About the Shoes!


I couldn’t figure out why I was slipping and sliding all over the studio floor while everyone else was sticking just fine… guess what? Stripper shoes have rubber bottoms and my street shoes don’t! TADA, no more slipping!

The problem is, I have crazy skinny feet. Nice shoe people call them “European feet” but in reality it just means I have a heck of a time finding anything that fits well. So I’m pigeon-holed into one brand – Pleaser.

Before… matte and blah

This would be fine except Pleaser stopped producing glittery shoes. And me, being me, I will probably dip my first born child in glitter if I can so you KNOW my stripper shoes will be fabulous. I did a little DIY work and I’m really happy with how they came out, check out the after!



Lust: What Defines Sexy?


In a world where fashion has evolved from corsets and voluminous layers of heavy skirts to long-sleeved, turtle-neck Sunday bests; from white stockings to shoulder padded uniforms; from shapeless and modest clothing to skin tight leather, snakeskin, cleavage, and backless pieces, “sexy” has been constantly redefined.

We’ve gone from Coco Chanel’s long-sleeved classic black dress to Snookie’s tiny skirts, massive cleavage (which, unfortunately, is a great understatement), and ripped clothing in today’s fashion magazines. Granted, Snookie is never praised for her “high fashion sense,” but it is still evident that “sexy” in the minds of many young women equates more skin.

Fear not. The fashion industry is fighting back.

Full-length skirts, oversized sweaters, floor-length dresses, men-inspired women pieces, boyfriend sweaters, chunky knits, and everything else that suggests a cozy, comfy, and sleaze-deprived ensemble is taking center stage on the runway. Each piece is evident in nearly every collection and moves elegantly from day to night, winter to spring.

Even the red carpet’s best dressed are fighting back. There’s a right way and a wrong way to cover up.

Sexy is dressing comfortably while maintaining and displaying your shape, leaving things to the imagination but giving them something to go off of, and covering up while revealing yourself. It’s sounds completely contradictory, but it is utterly simple.

Dries Van Noten pairs a flowing floor-length vibrant purple skirt with an oversized jungle green top and manages to exude utter cool rather than a grandma-dressed-as-Barney look by playing with textures, an asymmetrical hemline, and black sunglasses.


Sheer tops with floor-length dresses shed some skin but keeps it controlled. Sheer layers also make a longer piece so much more interesting while a leopard-print coat immediately adds a dose of youth.

Belting at the waist or donning eccentric colors also defines waists and curves as shown on Fendi’s twist on wearing a belt and layering lengthy skirts.

Fashion allows us this incredible flexibility with our own bodies and looks. It’s amazing.


Author Bio:

Ray is a passionate writer whose obsession with fashion has skyrocketed to a nearly unhealthy rate. But she’s fine with that. Who in the blogger world isn’t? She meshed these two passions into a single word that now embodies her life: Fashionwrites.


Love: Australian Designers


Everyone looks to Paris or New York for the latest trends and styles but have you considered Australian designers? Karla Spetic is an Australian designer with the simplistic chic that might characterise BCBGmaxazria mixed with all the colours and cheer that comes with a LV resort collection. But of course that alone cannot explain entirely what the brand entails.

Karla Spetic has a very cheeky way of playing with different colours, textures and shapes that lends it an almost childish and daydreamy air but its chic simplicity ensures that it does not become un-sophisticated. It caters for the little girl inside each of us who likes to squeal with delight at candy hues and yet it also caters for the chic fashionista who knows how to handle her own style. No wonder her ‘10 Autumn/Winter collection was titled “Dreamer”.




I just love her two toned cardis. Wear it with a cute little skirt and you get something casual and girly. Wear it with impeccably tailored slim black pants, fierce accessories and towering studded heels and you get to prevent your outfit from making you look too hard and cold.

Not every Karla Spetic piece is suitable for everyone. Whilst her clothes have designs and cuts to marvel at adoringly, I can imagine that it might not fit with everyone’s style philosophy. But her ability to turn heads without fail is a quality that one can definitely lust after.


Written by Monica of

Love: Spring Trends 2011


As winter releases us from her icy grasp, its finally time to ditch the fairilse knits and embrace a bit of spring slash summer loving. And what’s not to love? All will be revealed.


Although maxi skirts and dresses will continue to fight for prize position in our wardrobes in S/S 2011, it will face tough competition in the form of its latest rival. I introduce – the midi. The midi has steadily been creeping its way from the catwalks onto the high street but it looks set to reign supreme this forthcoming season. Swinging pleats are the choice of the day styled with graphic print tees or pretty, sheer blouses and lady-like heels. By night, I would team asymmetric lines and graduated hems with block platform sandals and maybe a dash of leather to contrast the delicate fabrics.

A FRINGE and FLARE AFFAIR welcomes us back the Seventies. Think a 21st century take on the decade mixed with all the goodness of tribal chic. As trousers remain popular, it is no surprise that the pivotal item channelling this trend is the kick flare. I do think it will take substantial time for these to replace the skinny jean though. Resist conformity and team pale denim bell bottom flares adorned with patchwork detailing with knitted tank tops with the IT shoe of the year – the platform.

The flare goes hand in hand with fringing and it has no limits. My initial reaction is ‘oh really’ but the other day my best mate rocked a lush fringed biker jacket, so maybe it’ll rub off in time. Pringle showcased the trend with shoes while Betty Jackson went the extra mile with her black ostrich feather trousers as did Matthew Williamson with his bejewelled, tasselled dresses and fringed skirts. Bags, shoes, coats, skirts – you name it you’ll find a fringed equivalent.


Think the brighter and busier the better a la McQueen. Bright abstract graphics and architectural geometrics steal the style limelight. If you cannot resist a standard safe-bet though, throw cut-out suede or crochet over crazy florals to capture the folksy feel, plaster yourself with playful polka dots and flatter yourself with feathery patterns. All at once. More is definitely more this spring.


Move over nudes, statement rainbow hues are the colour choice of the season. Shocking tangerines and vibrant grass greens reign supreme. Brave block colouring in riotous neons à la Christopher Kane.  As before, the brighter the better. Pop colouring will extend its efforts to the make-up counters of the high-street. Light pinks and oranges on the eyes coupled with blueish-black liners and topped-off with strong red lips will prove a popular look. Judging by the general theme of S/S ‘11 fashion weeks worldwide, unnatural hair colours look set to become a big trend this forthcoming season too. A welcome burst of colour, hurrah.


Author Bio:

Helen is a twenty-one year old vintage fiend and founder of A blog in which she shares her light-hearted fashionable experiences, musings and opinions on anything from her personal experiences to her latest purchases.

Shoe Challenge Update


Oh my! My poor neglected blog. Sorry for the lack of posts my loves, I’ve been busy trying to take over the world, graduate and pack for my cruise all at once (more on that later).

Since I don’t do daily outfit posts but am doing the shoe challenge, I’ve got a stockpile of pics from this week for you, bear with me as I try to save my shoe collection!

352 days, 44 pairs left

Here’s my handy dandy chart to worn shoes…

So many of my peep toes and sling backs are going to have to wait for better weather to come out and play, but I think I have a good start. It’s been so snowy lately, I can’t wear anything but boots!