Gotta See It All



In case you haven’t noticed… I’ve gotten VERY in to cross stitch lately. Right now, I’m working in a call center and the two things we’re allowed to do in our stations are 1)read or 2)craft. You can only read for so many hours before the words start doing weird tribal dances across the page (yes, I speak from experience) so instead… I do this!

A very good friend of mine has a stuffed Pikachu that she takes on trips with her and snaps his picture with all the sights. So, when she saw this pattern she FREAKED and I knew she had to have it. Not just Pika, but Pika who’s gotta see it all!

Took me probably around 8 hours, but honestly I don’t really time it because I do stitches in between calls.

Pattern is free here.

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