Lust: Maggie Matich’s Lavender Hair


When I stumbled across Maggie Matich’s photos on Lookbook, I knew I had to interview her about my ever-ongoing fascination with lavender hair (don’t know what I’m talking about? See Kelly Osbourne and these models). She’s the first real live girl I’ve seen pull it off brilliantly, so of course I had to find out the when and how and why, read on…

How long did you have lavender hair?
I had lavender hair for about 1 month. I had had a jet black bob for about 5 years and I got scouted to model for Vidal Sassoon and they took me from black to copper to blonde. It was white blonde but because my hair had had so much dark colour put on it, it started to go yellow. The girl who coloured my hair said that a good way to counteract the yellow tones was to go an ashy purple (lavender) and I said go for it.

What process did you go through to get the color and what products did you use?
They used sassoon colour but she also used crazy colour and when I wanted to go a more vibrant purple, I used Directions hair colour which was very good as it wasn’t damaging to my hair (it was very brittle after all the bleaching).

What did you do to keep it up? Any special shampoos or products?
Sassoon gave me a lot of Kerastase shampoos and conditioners which were very good in keeping my hair healthy. I found the leave in Thermique condition by Kerastase was very good.

What reactions did people have most often? Any memorable ones?
I got told I looked like a cup cake. Weirdly, I liked that very much. My Mum hated it but I have never listened to my Mum. Oops!

What was your favorite thing about lavender hair? Your least favorite?
My favourite thing was just the colour. I love all shades of purple and so I was very happy I had it on my head. My least favourite was that when it was a deeper purple, it was hard to wear some of my clothes in that it became a bit of a colour overload and sometimes blue didn’t look very good. It was very short aswell so I looked a bit like a fairy or a pixie which is good in some ways but a little weird in others. Haha.

What tips do you have for someone thinking of rocking this trend?
Don’t be shy with the clothes you wear, it is a really all or nothing look. I found rather than over thinking the colours I wore and what prints I matched, it was better to go all out and completely miss-match colours and prints and I think it worked. I hope. But all black is also a wicked look with Lilac hair.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Nope, That’s all.

Want to know more? See Maggie’s blogspot, tumblr and lookbook accounts!

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  13. My favorite color is purple, and I love how that looks on her, but I don’t think I could ever do it! Something about Asian girls having yellow skin tones…which totally clashes with purple hair. Otherwise, I think it looks so cool!

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  16. the first shot is stunning and it reminds me of an article in Vogue last year about unusual hair colours popping up in editorials. i’m not brave enough to go lilac though. i tried going blonde for six months and i ended up with an odd shade of red orange because my hair was so dark. it also looked weird because my skin is dark, but not dark enough to really set off orange hair! maybe in a few years i get the confidence to experiment with colour again.

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